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Loire Connection

A Complete Range of Loire Valley Wines for Export

The Sons of Eyjaföll – The Beginnings of ‘Loire Connection’

Our story starts many thousands of kilometres from the banks of the Loire on the west coast of the United States in May 2010. We were together in San Francisco attending a wine trade show. The programme had offered us excellent opportunities to present our vintages and meet importers before a return to our daily preoccupations on our own estates. But on this trip an unforeseen event was to change our lives – the eruption of the volcano Eyjafoll in Iceland. You may have forgotten this event that made news headlines for many weeks. Eyjafoll completely paralysed air travel. Blocked for more than a week on the west coast, we decided we would use this interlude to learn more about each other. To sum it up quite simply, that week marked the beginning of a delightful adventure built on a shared passion, wine.

The Wines of Kings

Though there may be slight differences in our backgrounds, many more similarities unite us under our chosen name of 'Loire Connection'. Through rites of passage of family vineyards from father to son, professional orientations and our convictions, we are bound together by a true vision of the vocation of winemaker. We share a set of values that orientates us towards Sustainable Agriculture Practices, Integrated Farming Techniques, and/or Organic Farming Techniques, based upon full respect for the vines, the flora and the environment. We cultivate the soil according to the traditions of the Loire, the cornerstone of our shared values. Day by day, from Nantes to Chinon, in this Land of Kings and Châteaux, we continually work towards developing our vineyards to enhance and reveal the subtle nuances of each of our specific ‘terroirs’, to express all their characteristics and particularities. Loire Connection offers a signature, a badge of quality. We share demanding standards in our wineries; each vintage is perfected so that we may present wines that are considered ambassadors of our Loire heritage, in other words ‘Les Vins des Rois’.

‘Loire Connection’ At Your Service

Loire Connection simplifies the commercial, administrative and logistical details of trade in the international marketplace. Loire Connection offers a unique and single access to the many diverse wines of the Loire Valley.  Contact us for details.


Muscadet Côtes de GrandLieu Sur Lie - Chardonnay
Cabernet - Gamay Rouge - Gamay Rosé
Saumur Champigny - Saumur Blanc - Saumur Rouge
Saumur Brut - Coteaux de Saumur - Crémant de Loire Rosé
Crémant de Loire Blanc - Chinon Rouge - Chinon Blanc - Chinon Rosé

Domaine des Herbauges - Les Herbauges 44830 Bouaye Loire Atlantique Pays de Loire France Tel: 02 40 65 44 92