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Quality Control

Packaging - Traceability - Certification

The preparation and packaging of wines is a crucial final step!


All throughout the year, teams in the vineyards work single-mindedly to grow the very best grapes. In this same spirit, the master winemaker vinifies and ages the wine with the utmost of care so he can reveal the uniqueness of each terroir with harmony, finesse and delicacy.

The preparation, bottling and packaging of the wine is an equally important phase that requires meeting strict conditions. We are able to guarantee top quality wines produced under the highest alimentary standards. After a natural stabilization and before bottling, our wines are delicately filtered using a 3-stage process that ensures peak quality and maximum conservation properties.

Our Muscadet is bottled in our own custom-designed « Herbadilla » bottle (previous name of our Domaine). Working in close collaboration with the French glassmaker V.O.A. we developed an elegant and distinctive bottle in a cinnamon colour, reminiscent of our history and of the quality of the wines that the Domaine is known for. This bottle is available with cork or screw top stoppers and allows us to adapt to all market requests.

After filling and capping the wine bottles, we dress them with the appropriate labels and any additional special award tags that apply. We create our unique labels in collaboration with Aset-Bidoit Printers, and whether in a traditional or modern style, we are always searching for originality and exclusivity.

The bottles are packaged in boxes of 6 or 12, depending on the destination and order specifications. Manufactured in France just a few miles from our estate by the industry leader Kappa-Smurfit, these boxes integrate a functional design with excellent bottle by bottle protection. We are able to deliver our wines in a most elegant and practical presentation to all our customers around the world!

Finally, to validate and assure the highest quality, we work with total transparency. We are regularly audited and inspected by the regulatory bodies of INAO (regulation of the Muscadet appellation), those of Alcave (certification for responsible Sustainable Agriculture and durable Integrated Farming Techniques), and by our own customers such as Carrefour, which conducts its own internal audits of its loyal and regular partners.

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