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Terroir / Sustainable Agriculture

Terra Vitis / High Environmental Value!

A selection of the most prestigious terroirs :

Over time, from generation to generation, André, Pierre, Luc and today Jérôme CHOBLET have taken care to select the best terroirs of our region.
Bordering the shores of the Lac de Grandlieu, protected by the Loire estuary and the Atlantic Ocean, these most beautiful vinyards are managed with the highest respect for French winemaking tradition.

Sustainable Agriculture:
To allow our terroirs to better express their particular characteristics through our wines, we made the choice over 30 years ago to turn towards Sustainable Agriculture, towards clean and environmentally responsible farming. The perfect balance between modern intensive agriculture and organic agriculture techniques, the innovative Sustainable Agriculture methods provide a guarantee of optimum quality in perfect harmony with the environment.

This is why we practice natural grass control. This allows an excellent regulation of the soil moisture and of the yields we obtain from the vines. Pioneers in this regard, we also intentionally seek to reduce yields in order to obtain the highest quality. We constantly strive for quality over quantity.

Each intervention in the vineyard is weighed and considered carefully according to the plot and terroir; we use only fully biodegradable products that have no negative impact on the flora and fauna of our ecosystem.

“The search for quality is a daily mission, and throughout every growth stage of the vine. It’s only with the best grapes that you make the best wine. Therefore, we hold this to be of the greatest importance.”
Jérémy Iseppi, Vineyard Manager at Domaine des Herbauges.

Domaine des Herbauges - Les Herbauges 44830 Bouaye Loire Atlantique Pays de Loire France Tel: 02 40 65 44 92